The Best Men’s Swimwear Styles for Every Body Type

Written: editor | July 10, 2023



Hey there, guys! With summer just around the corner, it's time to hit the beach and soak up the sun. But before you do, let's talk about the importance of choosing the right swimwear style for men.

Why choosing the right swimwear style is important for men

Finding the perfect swimwear style is not just about looking good, it's about feeling confident and comfortable on the beach or by the pool. Here are a few reasons why it's important to choose the right swimwear style:

  1. Boost your confidence: The right swimwear can do wonders for your self-esteem. When you feel good in what you're wearing, it shows. So, choose a style that flatters your body shape and highlights your best features.

  2. Enhance your comfort: Let's face it, uncomfortable swimwear can ruin your day at the beach. Opt for swim trunks or briefs that have a comfortable fit and provide freedom of movement. Pay attention to the fabric too – quick-drying materials are perfect for those impromptu dips in the water.

  3. Express your personal style: Swimwear is a great way to showcase your individuality and personal style. Whether you prefer bold patterns, vibrant colors, or a more classic look, there's a swimwear style out there that will reflect your unique personality.

  4. Leave a lasting impression: Whether you're at a pool party or on vacation, the right swimwear can leave a lasting impression on others. Choose a style that suits your age and body type, and you'll surely turn heads for all the right reasons.

Remember, finding the best swimwear style for you is all about finding the perfect balance between fashion and functionality. So go ahead, hit the stores, and get ready to make a splash this summer!


Classic Swim Trunks

Classic Swim Trunks: Features and characteristics

If you're in search of the perfect swimwear style for men, look no further than classic swim trunks. These timeless and versatile swim trunks are a must-have for any beach or pool outing. Here are some key features and characteristics that make classic swim trunks a popular choice:

  1. Length: Classic swim trunks typically fall above the knee, offering a balanced look that is both stylish and comfortable.

  2. Elastic Waistband: Designed for easy adjustability, the elastic waistband ensures a snug and secure fit, allowing you to move freely in the water.

  3. Mesh Lining: Classic swim trunks often come with a built-in mesh lining, providing support and added comfort. The mesh lining helps prevent chafing and keeps you feeling cool and dry.

  4. Multiple Pockets: Many classic swim trunks feature multiple pockets, giving you convenient storage options for essentials like keys, wallet, or phone.

Best brands for classic swim trunks

When it comes to finding the best brands for classic swim trunks, there are a few names that stand out for their quality and style. These brands have consistently delivered swimwear that combines functionality and fashion:

  1. Speedo: Speedo is renowned for its expertise in swimwear. With a wide variety of classic swim trunks, they offer durable, quick-drying fabrics and a range of colors and designs to suit every preference.

  2. Tommy Hilfiger: Known for their classic American style, Tommy Hilfiger offers a collection of swim trunks that exude sophistication and elegance. Their attention to detail and high-quality materials make them a top choice.

  3. Vilebrequin: Vilebrequin is a luxury swimwear brand that combines impeccable craftsmanship with unique prints and patterns. Their classic swim trunks are made from premium materials, ensuring both comfort and style.

  4. Hurley: For those who prefer a more sporty look, Hurley offers classic swim trunks with a modern edge. Their innovative designs, vibrant colors, and performance-oriented fabrics make them a popular choice.

Remember, finding the best swimwear style is ultimately about personal preference and finding a brand that suits your individual taste and needs. Classic swim trunks offer timeless style and functionality, making them a reliable choice for any man's swimwear collection.


Board Shorts

Board Shorts: Features and characteristics

When it comes to the best men's swimwear style, you can't go wrong with board shorts. These versatile and comfortable swim trunks are a favorite among beach lovers and surfers alike. Here are some features and characteristics that make board shorts a popular choice:

  1. Length: Board shorts typically extend below the knee, providing ample coverage and protection from the sun. This longer length ensures freedom of movement without any restrictions.

  2. Quick-drying fabric: Made from lightweight and quick-drying materials such as nylon or polyester, board shorts are designed to dry rapidly after getting wet. This feature allows you to transition from water activities to lounging on the beach without feeling uncomfortable.

  3. Elastic waistband with drawstring: Board shorts usually have an elastic waistband with a drawstring for a secure and adjustable fit. This ensures that your swimwear stays in place even during active water sports.

  4. Spacious pockets: Many board shorts come with spacious pockets, which can be handy for carrying small items like keys or a wallet. These pockets often have drainage holes to prevent water from accumulating.

Best brands for board shorts

  1. Quiksilver: Quiksilver is a renowned brand in the world of board shorts. They offer a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns for every style.

  2. Billabong: Billabong is another popular brand known for its high-quality and fashionable board shorts. They combine functionality with trendy designs to cater to different preferences.

  3. Hurley: Hurley is a brand that focuses on innovation and performance. Their board shorts are designed for surfers and athletes, providing excellent freedom of movement and durability.

Remember, the best men's swimwear style ultimately depends on your personal preferences and intended activities. Board shorts are a classic choice that offers comfort, style, and functionality, making them a go-to option for many beachgoers. So grab a pair of board shorts and hit the waves with confidence!



Briefs: Features and characteristics

When it comes to choosing the best swimwear style for men, briefs are a classic option that never goes out of style. Briefs are known for their minimalistic design, offering a snug and supportive fit. Here are some features and characteristics that make briefs a popular choice:

  1. Minimal Coverage: Briefs typically offer minimal coverage, with a low-rise waistband and high-cut leg openings. This design allows for maximum freedom of movement in the water.

  2. Supportive Fit: Briefs are designed to provide excellent support for the groin area. The snug fit helps to hold everything in place during swimming and other water activities.

  3. Enhanced Speed: The minimal design and streamlined shape of briefs can help improve hydrodynamics, allowing swimmers to move through the water with less resistance and increased speed.

Best brands for briefs swimwear

Now that you know the features and characteristics of briefs, let's explore some of the best brands that offer high-quality briefs swimwear:

  1. Speedo: Speedo is a well-known brand in the swimming world. They offer a wide range of briefs swimwear for both recreational swimmers and professional athletes. Speedo briefs are known for their exceptional fit, durability, and chlorine resistance.

  2. TYR: TYR is another popular brand that offers a variety of briefs swimwear options. Their briefs are made from high-quality materials that provide excellent comfort and freedom of movement. TYR briefs are also known for their vibrant colors and modern designs.

  3. Adidas: Adidas is a trusted brand that offers stylish and functional briefs swimwear. Their briefs are designed with performance in mind, incorporating features such as quick-drying fabric and UV protection.

Remember, when choosing the best men's swimwear style, it's important to consider your personal preferences, body type, and the activities you'll be doing in the water. Briefs are a timeless choice that offers both style and


Square Cut Swimwear

Square Cut Swimwear: Features and characteristics

If you're looking for a stylish and comfortable swimwear option, square cut swimwear should be at the top of your list. This swimwear style is known for its sleek and versatile design, making it a popular choice among men. Here are some key features and characteristics of square cut swimwear:

  1. Fit: Square cut swimwear offers a snug and streamline fit, providing optimal support and freedom of movement in the water. It is designed to hug your hips and thighs, giving you a confident and athletic look.

  2. Length: Unlike traditional swim trunks or board shorts, square cut swimwear offers a shorter length that falls above the knee. This modern and shorter cut adds a fashionable edge to your beach or poolside attire.

  3. Versatility: Square cut swimwear can easily transition from the beach to a casual lunch or a beach party. It pairs well with a simple t-shirt or a button-down shirt, allowing you to effortlessly go from swimming to socializing.

Best brands for square cut swimwear

If you're ready to upgrade your swimwear collection, here are some noteworthy brands that offer high-quality square cut swimwear:

  1. Speedo: Known for their expertise in swimwear, Speedo offers a wide range of square cut swimwear options. Their designs combine performance, comfort, and style to ensure you look and feel your best in and out of the water.

  2. Under Armour: Under Armour is known for their athletic gear, and their square cut swimwear is no exception. Their swim trunks feature innovative technologies that provide quick-drying and anti-chafing benefits.

  3. Adidas: Adidas is a renowned sportswear brand that offers a variety of square cut swimwear styles. Their designs incorporate their signature three-stripe logo and are crafted with high-quality materials for durability and comfort.

Remember, finding the best square cut swimwear is all about personal preference and finding a brand that aligns with your style and fits you well. So, dive into summer with confidence and style by choosing the perfect square cut swimwear for you.



When it comes to choosing the best swimwear style for men, it's important to consider factors such as body type and personal preferences. By selecting the right style, you can enhance your confidence and comfort while enjoying your time at the beach or pool. Keep in mind that there are various options available, so don't be afraid to try different styles until you find the perfect one for you.

Factors to consider when choosing swimwear style for men

  1. Body Type: Consider your body shape and choose a style that flatters your physique. For example, board shorts are great for athletic builds, while briefs or trunks can suit those with a slim or muscular physique.

  2. Comfort: Look for swimwear that provides a good fit and allows you to move freely. Fabrics like nylon, polyester, and spandex are often used due to their flexibility and quick-drying properties.

  3. Activity: Think about the activities you'll be doing while wearing swimwear. If you plan on engaging in more active water sports or swimming, opt for styles with a secure fit and proper support.

Top recommendations for different body types and preferences

  1. Athletic Build: Board shorts or swim trunks with a longer inseam can complement your physique and provide coverage.

  2. Slim Build: Briefs or swim trunks with a shorter inseam can create the illusion of fuller legs and enhance your proportions.

  3. Muscular Build: Try square-cut swim trunks or boxer briefs that highlight your well-defined muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions about men's swimwear style

  1. What style is best for a professional setting? Opt for swim trunks with a more sophisticated design, such as solid colors or subtle patterns, to maintain a polished look.

  2. Are there swimwear styles that provide extra support? Look for swim briefs or square-cut trunks with built-in support or an adjustable waistband for added comfort and security.

  3. Can I wear board shorts for casual occasions? Yes, board shorts are versatile and can be worn casually beyond the beach or pool, making them a popular choice for many men.

Remember, the key is to choose a swimwear style that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Experiment with different styles and find the one that suits your body type and preferences best.